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Ever needed to know what Python versions were currently supported, or how many subversions a given Python version had? Wondering how long until a given version came out or reached end-of-life? Need to know what CPython versions a given PyPy version corresponds to? The answers to these and some other questions can be found with this library.

pyversion-info pulls its data every run from jwodder/pyversion-info-data on GitHub. Prerelease versions are not (currently) included. I promise 24-hour turnaround times for keeping the database up-to-date until I am hit by a bus.


pyversion-info requires Python 3.7 or higher. Just use pip for Python 3 (You have pip, right?) to install pyversion-info and its dependencies:

python3 -m pip install pyversion-info


(The given outputs are current as of 2021-11-04.)

Start out by fetching the database:

>>> from pyversion_info import VersionDatabase
>>> vd = VersionDatabase.fetch()

Get a list of all currently-supported CPython series:

>>> vd.cpython.supported_series()
['3.6', '3.7', '3.8', '3.9', '3.10']

When does 3.11 come out?

>>> vd.cpython.release_date("3.11"), 10, 3)

When does 3.6 reach end-of-life?

>>> vd.cpython.eol_date("3.6"), 12, 23)

Just how many micro versions does 3.9 have, anyway?

>>> vd.cpython.subversions("3.9")
['3.9.0', '3.9.1', '3.9.2', '3.9.3', '3.9.4', '3.9.5', '3.9.6', '3.9.7', '3.9.8', '3.9.9', '3.9.10', '3.9.11']

What major versions of PyPy are there?

>>> vd.pypy.major_versions()
['1', '2', '4', '5', '6', '7']

What CPython series do PyPy 7.3.* support?

>>> vd.pypy.supported_cpython_series("7.3")
['2.7', '3.6', '3.7', '3.8']


The CPython database is generally only updated when an edit is made to a release schedule PEP. Occasionally, a deadline listed in a PEP is missed, but the PEP is not updated for a couple days, and so for a brief period this library will falsely report the given version as released.

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